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Nothing Chats faced a recent discontinuation following a brief beta trial, with the company citing ongoing efforts to address identified bugs.

Meanwhile, the release of Beeper Mini as an Android application aimed at providing access to Apple’s iMessage service for a nominal monthly fee encountered challenges shortly after its debut. This move mirrored a similar venture by UK-based Nothing. However, the app, developed by Eric Migicovsky, co-founder of Pebble, experienced service disruptions. Apple officially acknowledged blocking the service, citing privacy and security concerns. Despite Apple’s stance, Beeper maintains that its service is secure and is actively striving to restore the functionality of the app.

Users encountered error messages such as “failed to lookup on server: lookup request timed out” when attempting to send messages through the Beeper Mini app. In response to reported issues, Beeper acknowledged the problem and assured users that efforts were underway to reinstate the services.

Subsequently, Apple confirmed in a statement to The Verge that it had taken measures to prevent Beeper Mini from accessing iMessage due to its use of “fake credentials.” Apple emphasized its commitment to safeguarding user security and privacy, asserting that Beeper’s techniques posed significant risks.

Despite Apple’s action, Beeper Mini asserts that it provides end-to-end encryption for its messaging service. The company conveyed its commitment to maintaining message privacy and enhancing security compared to unencrypted SMS. Additionally, Beeper expressed readiness to share its complete source code for security evaluation with mutually agreed-upon third parties.

Founder Eric Migicovsky questioned Apple’s commitment to user privacy and security, asking why they would block a service facilitating encrypted messages between iPhone and Android users instead of relying on unsecured SMS if Apple truly prioritizes user privacy.

Beeper reassured users of ongoing efforts to restore services and expressed optimism about delivering positive updates soon. Beeper Mini was introduced as a service enabling Android users to connect with iOS users through iMessage at a monthly fee of $1.99 (approximately Rs. 160).

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