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A video capturing a heated altercation involving Rivaba Jadeja, Poonamben Maadam, and Bina Kothari gained viral attention on Thursday. Following a public verbal exchange with Rivaba Jadeja, MLA of Gujarat’s Jamnagar (north), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Poonamben Maadam addressed the incident, attributing it to a “misunderstanding.” She emphasized that the BJP functions as a cohesive “parivaar” (family) where each member supports and strengthens the others.

Maadam clarified that Mayor Bina Kothari is akin to an elder sister, and Rivaba, the spouse of Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, is regarded as a younger sister. Her intent was to mediate and prevent further comments during their disagreement.

“There was undoubtedly a misunderstanding, and its consequences were evident in the viral video. As I mentioned, the party is akin to a family, where each member is a pillar of strength for the others,” Maadam stated to the media.

The incident unfolded at a ‘Meri Maati Mera Desh’ event in Jamnagar city, where leaders were honoring martyrs. When asked about the incident, Maadam explained to Hindustan Times that her conversation with Kothari led to Rivaba assuming the comment was directed at her.

“In fact, when Rivaba and the mayor were engaged in a heated argument, I attempted to intervene and defuse the situation. When Rivaba implied that the mayor should know her ‘aukaat’ (status), I reminded her that Binaben is a senior figure, and addressing her in such a manner was inappropriate. Rivaba’s emotional reaction is surprising; there may have been a misunderstanding, or she might have been having a tough day or in a bad mood,” Maadam commented.

Kothari declined to comment further, stating, “It was an internal matter of the BJP, and I prefer not to offer any remarks on it.”

The altercation’s video portrays a heated exchange between Rivaba and her colleagues. The disagreement arose after a verbal exchange between Rivaba and Maadam regarding the “use of slippers” during the tribute-paying to the martyrs.

According to Jadeja, Maadam allegedly made a sarcastic remark, labeling her “over smart” for removing her slippers while paying respects.

Additionally, Rivaba was seen engaging in a public confrontation with Jamnagar’s municipal mayor, Kothari. In a video, Rivaba directs her frustration towards both, while Kothari advises Rivaba to be mindful of her language and avoid comments about her ‘aukaat’ (status).

Rivaba, the MLA of Jamnagar (north), addressed the media after the verbal clash, expressing her dissatisfaction with Maadam’s comment. Rivaba recounted that Maadam had made a statement implying that removing footwear was an attempt to be “over smart.”

Rivaba stated, “The MP said loudly, so that the press, party members, and others present could hear, that the president and prime minister don’t remove their footwear, but some people with no understanding try to act over smart and remove their footwear.”

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