In Madhya Pradesh, only 27 out of 230 legislators are women this time, though there has been an increase compared to the previous assembly in 2018 when 21 women were elected.

Bhopal: The Bharatiya Janata Party has once again secured a majority in Madhya Pradesh. The atmosphere is intense, from Bhopal to Delhi, regarding the selection of the new chief minister. Discussions are fast-paced in the markets about several names. Supporters have already declared their respective leaders as the new CM. Meanwhile, a startling revelation has come to light about political reforms in the report of the organization ADR.

Cases Filed Against 90 Legislators According to a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), 90 out of 230 legislators have criminal cases filed against them this time. Out of these 90 legislators, cases related to serious crimes are pending against 34. Among these legislators, 51 belong to the BJP, 38 to the Congress, and one to the Bharatiya Adivasi Party. However, the number of legislators with criminal cases is slightly lower this time compared to 2018 when 94 such legislators were elected.

205 Legislators are Crorepatis This time, out of 230 legislators, 205 are millionaires. Among these, 144 are associated with the BJP, and 61 are from the Congress. In 2018, there were 187 millionaire legislators. Chaitanya Kashyap from the BJP, representing Ratlam, is the richest legislator with a total wealth of around 296 crore rupees. Similarly, Congress legislator Satyendra Pathak from Vijayaraghavgarh is in second place with a total wealth of 242 crore rupees. In the Congress, Kamal Nath is the third richest legislator with assets worth 134 crore rupees.

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