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Police Chief Sanjay Kundu stated that nearly one lakh people have invested in cryptocurrency, resulting in transactions worth 2,500 crores. Out of this, profits of 500 crores were made. He mentioned that in the cryptocurrency fraud cases, 18 suspects have been arrested so far, including four police officers.

In the cryptocurrency fraud case, Himachal Pradesh Police’s SIT (Special Investigation Team) submitted a status report to the High Court on Tuesday. Himachal Pradesh Police Chief Sanjay Kundu provided this information during a conversation with journalists. He said that nine accused had applied for anticipatory bail, which was not accepted. Kundu mentioned that around one lakh people have invested in cryptocurrency, with transactions totaling 2,500 crores and profits of 500 crores. He stated that four police officers are among those arrested in cryptocurrency fraud cases. Those who have evidence against them in this case will also be arrested. Kundu said that there are four main accused in the fraud case.

One of the primary suspects is currently in Dubai, while three have been arrested. Assets totaling 12 crores have been frozen in this case. There are around 70 to 80 individuals who have earned more than two crores, and these individuals will also be arrested. Action is being taken against the accused under the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Act (BUDS), as they collected money from people without RBI and SEBI approval. Recently, eight accused who have been arrested are in police custody until November 9. Kundu mentioned that 350 complaints have been received in cryptocurrency fraud cases, and proper action will be taken.

Concerns about the international dimension of the case: Kundu expressed concerns about the international dimension of the case, and it is yet to be determined if the money went towards terror funding or elsewhere. Letters have been written to central intelligence, security, and tax agencies regarding this matter. He also questioned how such a significant financial transaction escaped the grasp of the banking and tax systems. Kundu said that the main accused, Subhash, and others took investors abroad. Around 3.50 crores were spent for these foreign trips, with more than two thousand such trips conducted. He stated that this was a massive fraud case, and the accused also trapped government employees.

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