Kangana Ranaut made a meaningful journey to the Dwarkadhish Temple in Gujarat and shared her reflections along with several photos of her visit.

On Thursday, Kangana Ranaut took to X (formerly Twitter) to post a series of pictures from her visit to the Dwarkadhish Temple in Gujarat. The renowned actor, who recently appeared in the movie Tejas, which did not perform well at the box office, used this opportunity to candidly express her thoughts and emotions. She shared solo snapshots taken on a boat and inside the temple, a sacred place devoted to Lord Krishna, known as Dwarkadhish or the King of Dwarka. Situated in the city of Dwarka in Gujarat, this temple is a significant pilgrimage site in the Char Dham circuit for Hindus.

For her temple visit, Kangana was attired in a splendid golden saree. In her heartfelt message in Hindi, she conveyed, “My heart was very troubled for some days.” She went on to describe her experience, saying, “I felt the need to visit Dwarkadhish. The moment I arrived in this divine city of Shri Krishna, Dwarka, the mere sight of the surroundings felt like my worries had dissolved and lay at my feet. It brought a sense of serenity to my mind, and I experienced boundless joy. Oh Lord of Dwarka, may your blessings continue to be like this (with folded hands emoji). Hare Krishna.”

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