This is the scanned copy of the VISA of Mr. NISCHAL.

(Infrared and Constrat photo print is attached) which is produced by Dr. Verendra Hegde in front of private cameraman. This video is fully edited (total 3 good take only showed which is recorded in his camber with pre plan script ) To circulate throughout the MEDIA to prove them self innocent in the RAPE and MURDER CASE of KUMARI SOWJANYA .

If you look closely u may shock because it’s totally FAKE.

So how they manipulated it?

Here is the answer:

Just zoom to the red circle:- See the seal [dated 30 JAN 2013] which should be under of the seal dated [SEP 07 2013] according to the date wise. But it’s actually over lapped on all of them, Instead it should be under of the seal dated [SEP 07 2013].

This small mistake make the BIG difference, so how they did this? Just scanning some others VISA copy and made CUT & PASTE into it. All SEAL with date DATE they did the same way, how they need to show fool the people that particular MURDER DATE OCT 09 2013 as if Mr. NISCHAL was in ABROAD .

Exactly they wanted to prove that Mr. NISCHAL was dispatched on particle date as mentioned they said in VISA photo scanned copy. Seal dated [21 AUG 2012] and arrival date seal dated [28 DEC 2012].

If CBI handle the case in same way by advanced forensic Scientific tests or techniques used in connection with the detection of crime case is simply solved.

Courtesy: Rakey Rox

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