His fingers entwined with yours, the comforting good morning messages, the echo of his voice as the last thing you heard before drifting into sleep each night, the unique way he laughed that still resonates in your ears, the mole on the right side of his face that you noticed with fondness, the meticulous manner in which he tucked in his shirt, the hushed whispers he shared with you, his knack for cracking jokes during moments of your sadness, the accelerated rhythm of his heart during your kisses, and the reassuring texts that served as a balm for all worries – these are the small fragments of him that linger, evoking the emotions you once felt.

Those extended drives together that seemed endless, the night when conversations flowed ceaselessly and you resisted hanging up the phone, or the event where he stole a quick peck on your cheek when nobody was watching – these are the moments that etch themselves into your memory. They form the chapters of a fairy tale, even if it was one woven solely within your mind.

At times, tears fall as you miss him, yearning for what once was. Yet, as time progresses, you learn to navigate life as if the past had not occurred. You embrace the idea that it’s alright, that it will be alright. But then, a waft of air carries his beloved fragrance, and his presence is rekindled. Thoughts of him occupy your mind. You attempt to distract yourself by turning on the radio, only to hear his favorite song playing. Changing the station, you listen to an RJ whose name coincidentally matches his. When someone reveals that their cherished book is the same as his, your heart skips a beat. The pattern continues, persistently. However, you come to realize that this is permissible.

In due time, when the right person crosses your path, what remains etched are the sensations of his touch, the melody of his favored song, and the emotions he stirred within you. The memory of your former partner will gradually fade, and you’ll come to appreciate him for guiding you toward someone even more suitable.

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