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Over the course of her distinguished career, Konkona Sen Sharma has engaged in both acting and filmmaking, leaving her mark in both realms. As a filmmaker, she has delivered remarkable works, while her roles as an actor have birthed iconic characters (Sona Mishra, anyone?). In a recent conversation with Film Companion, Konkona Sen Sharma delves into the current whereabouts of some of her memorable characters, providing the closure that fans had been seeking.

During her discussion with Anupama Chopra, the actress was prompted to reflect on three of her notable characters: Aisha Banerjee (from “Wake Up Sid”), Sona Mishra (from “Luck By Chance”), and Bharti Mandal (from “Ajeeb Daastaans”). Additionally, she was questioned about the character Shutu Chatterjee from “A Death In The Gunj.”

When queried about the potential future of Aisha and Sid from “Wake Up Sid,” Sen Sharma shared, “I doubt it very much. Abhi abhi toh seekha hai usne (He’s just started learning). I think they would have had a few years of fun. They would have cut their teeth on each other, and then I think maybe Aisha would have done better.”

Regarding an alternative profession for Sona, the struggling actor from “Luck By Chance,” she opined, “She would have excelled in the streaming industry.”

Addressing Shutu’s fate in “A Death In The Gunj,” Sen Sharma speculated that if he were alive today, “maybe he’d be sitting and writing a novel, in like Finland or something.”

Turning her attention to Bharti Mandal from “Ajeeb Daastaans,” the actress described her as someone striving to lead her best life while aiding others. Sen Sharma suggested that had Bharti been given the opportunity, she would have taken over the factory as well.

Sen Sharma’s insights resonated deeply with the audience. The video of her interview has garnered over 72.6K views and amassed more than 3K comments, striking a chord with viewers who eagerly shared their thoughts.

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