In Uttara Karnataka, Malu Nipanal is famous folk singer. For many people in the whole Karnataka, the name Malu Nipanal might not be recognized immediately. However, the song “Na Drivera… Ni Nanna Lovera…” is certainly well-known. This song has gained more popularity on social media. The craze for this song has reached great heights upon its release. The singer of this viral hit song is none other than Malu Nipanal himself. Essentially, he is a rural talent from North Karnataka. Despite not having formal music training, he won the hearts of millions of fans. His song “Na Drivera… Ni Nanna Lovera…” has become a super hit. This song has reached over 117 million views on YouTube.

Malu Nipanal used to do various jobs, including cutting grass, similar to farming tasks. He used to sing while doing these chores, and people enjoyed it. It was during one such occasion that one of his songs got recorded on a mobile phone. The song began circulating from one person’s mobile to another’s, and soon he became quite famous. In North Karnataka, people used to listen to Malu Nipanal’s songs repeatedly, whether in tractors or temples. Even before the rise of YouTube, Malu Nipanal’s songs went viral primarily by tractors.

The song “Na Drivera… Ni Nanna Lovera…” has now become famous. Everyone knows who Malu Nipanal is because of this song. However, many years ago, he has already given his voice to thousands of songs. All of those songs became super hits, primarily in tractors. He started his journey by using the tunes of already famous movie songs, writing new lyrics in his style, and singing those songs. Through this, he has gained a large fan following.

It’s surprising because Malu Nipanal hasn’t taken any formal musical training. He hasn’t even attended college for education. Despite this, he wrote literature and sang in a way that the people of North Karnataka loved. He learned to sing by listening to music. People love his voice. In recent days, he become famous on social media. People are eagerly waiting for his new songs.

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