priyanka jarkiholi

Priyanka Satish Jarkiholi was born in Chikkodi, a small village in the state of Karnataka, India. She is a young and outstanding politician who is making a big impact in her field. Priyanka’s father’s name is Satish Jarkiholi.

She started her educational journey at Kolkata University, from where he obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Science. After that, She obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration from Utkal University.

Priyanka’s profession is business, and she is working as a managing director in companies. Together with her father, they have partnered in several ventures. Priyanka has also given importance to social work and has participated in many social works. She is a supporter of civil rights and remains dedicated to the people in her area.

Priyanka has made her name among the people by entering politics at a young age. She started her political journey by joining the Congress Party. Priyanka Jarkiholi believes that through politics she can contribute to the development and prosperity of her area.

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