The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is set to initiate a comprehensive redevelopment project in the Gandhi Nagar market, a renowned center for ready-made garments and textiles in East Delhi. The project, estimated at ₹162 crore for its first phase, aims to transform the congested area into a modern shopping destination, inspired by the successful Chandni Chowk market renovation completed in September 2021. The timeline for the project is still under consideration.

The initial phase of the Gandhi Nagar market redevelopment endeavor will encompass several key aspects, including the construction of two multi-level parking facilities, an extensive overhaul of road and drainage infrastructure, the installation of a new fire safety system, and the deployment of golf carts for convenient last-mile transportation. The subsequent phase will focus on enhancing the market’s aesthetics and facades.

This project aligns with the Delhi government’s market redevelopment plan as announced in its 2022-23 Rozgar Budget. While initially planned to be executed by the industries department, a communication dated September 14 from MCD commissioner Gyanesh Bharti indicates that the Delhi government prefers that MCD undertake the project due to its jurisdiction over the area. However, the industries department is expected to provide funding for the project.

The primary objective of this undertaking is to revitalize the market by improving roads, sewer lines, parking facilities, public utilities, and overall export-friendliness.

Over the past six months, various entities, including the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), officials from the industries department, engineering department, Delhi Jal Board, and BSES, have conducted assessments of the area to identify necessary improvements.

The project outlines a 14-point action plan for the first phase, while the second phase will concentrate on further beautification and facade enhancement. Gandhi Nagar, situated along Pushta Road in East Delhi, is renowned as one of Asia’s largest hubs for ready-made garments and textiles. It boasts a daily turnover exceeding ₹100 crore and is home to around 25,000 shops and 10,000 household manufacturing units.

The market’s share in the garment trade has been declining due to inadequate infrastructure over the years. Therefore, the proposed plan includes the resurfacing of the main Gandhi Nagar road and 2 km of arterial roads within the market, which will serve as key transit routes.

Additionally, two multi-level car parks will be constructed at designated locations, offering last-mile connectivity from Shastri Park metro station via golf carts. The drainage system will be upgraded, including the construction of reinforced cement concrete-type drains and parallel ducts for service connections.

The project also addresses the relocation of transformers and overhead cables, the construction of public toilet complexes, community toilet complexes, and public information kiosks, as well as the enhancement of fire safety measures. Informative signboards, new street furniture, and ornamental electric lights will be added.

Input from stakeholders, market associations, RWAs, small manufacturing associations, and public representatives will be considered during the project’s development. The immediate priority, as highlighted by Hukum Chand, head of the Gandhi Nagar Traders’ Association, should be the improvement of roads, drainage, and sanitation conditions in the area.

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