Shubham Marmat from Ujjain: The auspicious inauguration of the grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya is scheduled for January 22, evoking a unique enthusiasm among the citizens of the country. The resonance of the name “Ram” is echoing everywhere, creating an atmosphere of devotion. Prior to the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple, students from the village of Makadon in the Ujjain district created a human chain spelling out the word ‘Ram.’ A video capturing this moment has gained widespread admiration.

As per information provided by Ujjain SDM Tarana, the narratives of Lord Ram teach us about true human endeavors. These stories inspire us to fulfill responsibilities towards our families, and the Ramayana provides us with the principles to lead an exemplary life. All the children, carrying saffron flags, participated in a procession around the name of Ram, filling the atmosphere with chants of “Jai Siya Ram.”

A beautiful human chain was formed by over 700 students and teachers in Makadon, Ujjain district. The high school witnessed a spectacular sight as they came together to construct a human chain. They formed an image resembling the word ‘Ram’ and conveyed a powerful message. Ram is considered an ideal man and the centerpiece of Indian culture. The drone camera recorded this human chain, with enthusiastic participation from all the students in the school.

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