Going to the gym is hard. Like no shit sherlock, that’s such an obvious statement. Do better, Raashi. But what if reading this could help you just a little bit on your journey to health? That’s worth the effort, right? So I’d urge you to browse through till the end on this one. It might just change your life. (No literally dude, it’ll help you live longer

Here are 9 fitness tips that’ll help you drag your ass to the gym:

  1. Dil tod do apna
    Aren’t all gym bros/sisses members of the lonely hearts club? If you’re not, then share tips, please! If you’re insecure, broken-hearted or feeling a wee bit low on self-love, exercise could help you reconnect with yourself and restore some of that much-needed “yas kween” energy.
  2. Put on your most fly fit
    Research claims that our brains are susceptible to “enclothed cognition,” a technical way of saying that dressing for the part can help fuel your ambition to complete a chosen task. If nothing else works, at least you’ll hit the gym to take a cute picture of your outfit and maybe (big maybe) you’ll find the will to squeeze in a workout or two?
  3. Find yourself a workout bestie
    The sole purpose of a gym bestie is to keep you hyped enough to push yourself and grounded when you’re trespassing into the dangerous waters of ego lifting. But there are a few ground rules we need to set. A workout bestie can only be your bestie within the premises of the workout space. You meet, you talk about your goals, achievements, failures etc, you exercise, you go home for the day and don’t see them again. The max you can depart from the proximity of your workout is maybe sharing a cheat meal or two. If you bond any more than that, then they’re your real bestie and not your gym bestie and this theory doesn’t work.
  4. Discipline > Motivation
    The harsh reality is that you’re not going to be motivated all the time, no matter what tactics you employ. There are some days all odds are going to be against you, some days when you don’t want to get out of bed, some days when you just want to pointlessly binge on pizza. It’s a you v/s you fight. Your consistency and your discipline are what’s going to have to push you. If you can resist the urges and show up to your workout – those are the days that count the most. Staying fit is not just about physical, but also mental strength. Of course, there are exceptions. You’re a human being! Skip your workout once in a while and go out with your friends or enjoy a scrumptious meal. But when the exception becomes a pattern, that’s when it becomes a problem.
  5. Remember why you started
    Question yourself. Why do you want to get fit? Maybe it is to lose weight or look different or get stronger or blow off some steam. Remember that goal and if it’s worth going the extra mile over. The human body is amazing. With some regularity and hard work, you have no idea of all the amazing things you can accomplish. Go test it!
  6. There is no right way to workout
    No one said there is a one-stop shop for ultimate fitness. If they did, they’re a scam and you get the hell away from them. If going to the gym fatigues you, feels like a chore or doesn’t psychologically stimulate you, then irrespective of the physical goals you can accomplish, it’s not the right workout for you. Find something that’s fun, that’s exciting and makes you want to leap out of bed. How about picking up a sport instead?
  7. Stick to basics
    But once you do find an activity you like, don’t fall prey to the gimmicks and fads that some ultra pro gym bro told you is a “secret tool” or “hidden gem” or some bullshit like that. That dude has dedicated his entire life to fitness. Have you? The fundamentals are fundamentals for a reason. Focus on increasing performance and not trying a million different things. Better explained in the video below:
  8. Play the long game
    Don’t jump into the world of crash diets, extreme caloric deficits, hyper-exhaustive movements and overall unnecessarily complicated stuff. You don’t need to work out six days a week. It can be three days, gradually moving onto four and then more. Start slow and go steady. It’s a lifelong commitment, not a temporary phase. Therefore if it’s not sustainable, it will never work.
  9. Pick the right people to guide you
    The coaches and nutritionists that you seek advice from are what make it or break it. Seek out people who are as invested in your journey as you are.
    In short, the name of the game is consistency. Not every workout has to be perfect, you just need to show up and try your best.

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