Recently, Adah Sharma, known for her roles in movies like ‘1920’ and ‘The Kerala Story’, was seen at the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s Bandra apartment. Reports suggesting that she might be purchasing the apartment have been circulating ever since. Adah has now addressed these speculations, stating, “If any decision is made, I will share it with you all first. If there’s something to celebrate, I’ll even distribute sweets.”

Reactions on social media varied, with comments like, “It was never his home; he was renting it and tragically ended his life there,” “This could turn into the real-life ‘1920’ movie,” and “She seems to be seeking attention from the media.”

During an exclusive interview with Firstpost, Adah discussed the success of her film ‘The Kerala Story,’ expressing, “My life has always been pleasant; I live in a wonderful place with great people. I hope to keep growing as a better person. This experience was truly magical, as it was unprecedented; a female-centric film performing so well. I feel truly happy and fortunate.”

Reflecting on her journey in the industry, Adah humorously commented, “I’d say it’s been 103 years because ‘1920’ feels like a century ago. I might be the oldest person in the industry. ‘1920’ was a blast; it marked my debut film. After that, nobody questioned my acting skills; the movie instilled that confidence in me. I’m keen on doing more horror projects; there might be an announcement soon. I’m slightly superstitious, so I’ll wait for the official announcement.”

In summary, Adah Sharma’s presence at Sushant Singh Rajput’s former residence has led to rumors about her potentially buying the apartment. Adah has addressed these speculations, and social media responses have varied. She also discussed her career, her recent film’s success, and her future aspirations during an exclusive interview.

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