Partition narratives are undeniably moving, aren’t they? The stories of families torn apart during the India-Pakistan partition of 1947, as some members migrated to other countries, evoke deep emotions. Among these stories, only a few living in India and Pakistan have managed to reunite after years of separation. Recall the heartwarming moment when two brothers embraced after more than seven decades at the Kartarpur Corridor last year. It was a sight that touched many hearts.

Now, another pair of long-lost siblings has been reunited after a staggering 75 years since the 1947 India-Pakistan partition, and the credit goes to the reach of social media.

According to a report by Dawn, Mahendra Kaur, aged 81 and residing in India, embarked on a journey to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur through the Kartarpur Corridor, accompanied by her family. On the other side, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, her 78-year-old younger brother from the pre-partition era, traveled from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) to Kartarpur.

As the two siblings saw each other, overwhelmed by emotions, they shared a heartfelt embrace. Both families, adorned with garlands, exchanged sweets to commemorate their reunion. Together, they entered Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, shared a meal, and exchanged tokens of affection.

The report details that this remarkable meeting occurred after the family members stumbled upon a social media post about two estranged siblings—unaware that the post narrated their own story. The post contained the account of their separation during the partition.

The family of Sardar Bhajan Singh, originating from Indian Punjab, faced the heart-wrenching impact of partition, which tragically tore them apart. Aziz relocated to POK, while his sister and other family members remained in India. Aziz recollected the hardships he endured after being separated from his family, sharing that he had tirelessly searched for them but remained unable to find them for years.

Undoubtedly, this reunion was an incredibly emotional and touching moment.

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