Malayalam actor Alencier Ley Lopez, who has faced accusations of sexual harassment in the past, has sparked controversy once again with alleged misogynistic comments made during the Kerala State Film Awards ceremony. After receiving the Kerala government’s special jury award, Alencier suggested that statuettes modeled on women should not tempt them and that they should be awarded figurines reflecting the strength of a man. He even stated that he would quit acting when presented with a male sculpture along with the award.

Alencier’s remarks quickly went viral, drawing criticism for their misogyny. Kerala Higher Education Minister R Bindu condemned his comments, saying they reflected a patriarchal mindset. Actor and trans rights activist Sheetal Shyam shared her negative experience working with him and criticized his statements. Actor Santhosh Keezhattoor also denounced Alencier’s comments.

State Award-winning filmmaker Shruthi Sharanyam, who was present at the ceremony, criticized Alencier’s remarks, especially in a state that promotes women’s empowerment in film, and labeled it as shameful.

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