As Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 nears its conclusion, we find ourselves with two top contenders vying closely for the coveted trophy. Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav are currently leading the pack. Interestingly, both of them are prominent YouTubers, boasting dedicated followings, and have emerged as clear favorites among the audience. The grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT 2 is set to premiere tonight, unveiling the ultimate victor.

As we await the final outcome, let’s delve into the actions carried out by Elvish Yadav’s admirers, affectionately known as the Elvish Army, which have contributed to his impressive progress within the show.

  1. Twitter Frenzies Hardly a day goes by without Elvish trending on various social media platforms. His devoted fans initiate daily Twitter trends and Twitter storms. Even on the eve of the finale, the term ‘Systum’ (a phrase associated with Elvish Yadav) is gaining traction on this popular social media platform.
  2. Fan Gatherings Recently, the Elvish Yadav enthusiasts organized a meetup event in Delhi, touted as the “Largest YouTuber Meetup Ever in India.” This gathering was broadcast live, reaching millions of fans worldwide. Supporters came together to rally behind Elvish Yadav’s journey on Bigg Boss OTT 2.
  3. Elvish’s Presence in Times Square, NYC Contrary to the assumption that Elvish Yadav only commands a following within India, a video showcases his image prominently displayed on a building in Times Square, New York. Remarkably, this marks the first instance in Bigg Boss history where a contestant earned such visibility in Times Square.
  4. Rallies in Support Diehard fans of the YouTuber have organized rallies to exhibit their unwavering support. From Delhi to Lucknow, Elvish Yadav’s supporters have taken to the streets, rallying for votes. Numerous videos from various cities depict the sheer magnitude of his devoted fanbase.
  5. Displayed Hoardings Multiple hoardings showcasing Elvish Yadav are strategically positioned across various locations in and around Gurugram. These visually striking displays implore people to cast their votes for the contestant, aiming to secure his victory by a substantial margin.
  6. Comment Section Takeovers To ensure that a wider audience is aware of Elvish Yadav, his fans dominate the comment sections of numerous celebrities’ Instagram posts. Recently, they commandeered the comment section of Salman Khan’s Instagram post. In response to Salman Khan’s heartwarming picture with Arpita on her birthday, Elvish’s fans inundated the comments with messages like, “Elvish Yadav respect button here.”
  7. Parental Endorsement Elvish Yadav’s appeal extends not only to his thousands of fans but also to his parents, who have shared videos urging people to cast their votes for their son. His Instagram features vote appeal videos created by his mother and father, underscoring the strong support even from his own family.

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