Bill Gates recently shared a nostalgic photo on Instagram that has stirred memories for many. The image, taken nearly three decades ago, captures the tech mogul holding a newly developed storage device – the Compact Disc-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM).

“Thirty years ago, we aimed to demonstrate the immense information capacity of a single CD-ROM. The team felt a visual demonstration was essential!” Bill Gates captioned the picture.

The photo, dating back to 1994, depicts Gates seated atop a stack of paper, with another stack placed parallel. A youthful Gates is seen holding a CD-ROM, smiling at the camera.

Aside from its visual impact, the image holds historical significance, showcasing the data storage capabilities of a single disc compared to a substantial amount of paper. While CDs may now seem outdated with modern storage solutions, this photo stands as an iconic symbol of technological progress achieved by humanity.

The post, shared a little over eight hours ago, has garnered over 93,000 likes and continues to attract more engagement. Instagram users expressed various sentiments, with some marveling at the picture and others reminiscing about the era when CD-ROMs were cutting-edge technology.

One user commented, “Knowledge is not power. The implementation of knowledge is power.”

“Fantastic Bill. You changed the world and people’s mindset forever,” added another user.

“This is incredible,” exclaimed a third user, concluding the comment with a fire emoji.

“I have that National Geographic magazine! Most explanatory picture ever!” shared a fourth user.

“Wow, time flies. It feels like yesterday when CDs were invented,” wrote a fifth user.

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