Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss: Often, women experience complaints of hair loss after pregnancy or childbirth. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, it’s estimated that a new mother may shed nearly 400 hairs in a single day, whereas an average person loses about 80-100 hairs in a day. This condition primarily occurs due to hormonal changes that take place during and after pregnancy. However, science offers a different perspective. To understand this and explore some home remedies, we spoke with Dr. Shailendra Choube, an Ayurvedic practitioner and spiritual healer from Treya.

Why Do Hair Fall After Pregnancy – Postpartum Hair Loss Causes?

Dr. Shailendra Choube explains that scientifically, this is known as postpartum telogen effluvium and is more common among women due to hormonal fluctuations during and after pregnancy. In the initial stages of pregnancy, the constant rise in estrogen and progesterone levels keeps hair in the continuous growth phase, resulting in thick and shiny hair. However, in the months following childbirth, estrogen levels drop, causing hair loss to commence. While this can be concerning, remember that postpartum hair loss is entirely temporary and generally a common occurrence. There are some tips to help you manage this issue.

What to Do If Your Hair Falls Out After Delivery – Home Remedies for Postpartum Hair Loss

  1. Apply Bhringraj, Brahmi, or Amla Oil: Often, we resort to Ayurvedic hair oils and serums made from natural ingredients. These can be quite effective. You can regularly massage your scalp with Ayurvedic oils like Bhringraj, Brahmi, or Amla to combat this issue.
  2. Take Ashwagandha, Shatavari, or Triphala: Ayurvedic supplements like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, or Triphala can help in managing hair loss caused by hormonal changes and promote overall well-being. They introduce some stability in hormonal fluctuations and aid in mitigating the problem.
  3. Herbal Hair Care: Dr. Shailendra Choube recommends choosing gentle, herbal shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulfates and parabens to ensure consistent growth and conditioning of the hair, even after pregnancy.
  4. Apply Herbal Hair Masks: Herbal hair masks deeply nourish the scalp and hair, addressing deficiencies. You can create your own herbal hair mask by combining ingredients like Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi, or Methi. These herbs strengthen hair roots and reduce hair fall.

In conclusion, Dr. Shailendra Choube advises not to forget that post-pregnancy hair loss is a temporary condition that can be effectively managed through adopting a nutritious diet, controlling stress levels, and exploring the Ayurvedic remedies mentioned above.

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