On Friday, the UT administrator, Banwarilal Purohit, officially opened the 13th Chandigarh National Crafts Mela at Kalagram, an event scheduled to run until December 10.

The inauguration, organized by the UT Department of Cultural Affairs in collaboration with the North Zone Cultural Centre, witnessed captivating performances by artists, setting a festive tone for the 10-day fair. Themed “Mera Mati Mera Desh,” the event aims to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India.

The entrance, artistically designed with a Nagaland theme, welcomed visitors into a world of wonders, providing a glimpse into the enchanting land. The main stage, adorned with ethnic craftsmanship, further immersed attendees in the cultural tapestry of Nagaland. The festivities showcased the unique identity of Nagaland, delving into its history and traditions.

Veswuzo Phesao and his group from Dimapur captivated the audience with traditional Tati singing, complemented by a soulful rendition of the Hindi song “Jane Wallon Zara.”

Featuring approximately 1,000 folk artists from different states and around 200 craft stalls showcasing exquisite handicrafts, the fair stands as a vibrant celebration of India’s diverse cultural heritage. Visitors can expect an immersive experience, exploring the rich traditions and craftsmanship from various regions of the country.

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