New Delhi: In the wake of two additional fatalities in Manipur, the Congress party expressed deep concern on Monday, highlighting the ongoing unchecked violence and the conspicuous absence of any response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The fresh outbreak of violence is particularly troubling as it possesses the potential to entangle the Naga community in the existing conflict, according to the Congress.

Offering a pointed critique directed at both the central and state governments, Congress General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala remarked, “The unrestrained, unmonitored, and undeterred Manipur violence persists in the face of a puzzling silence from PM Modi, complete inactivity from HM Amit Shah, and the complicity of BJP CM N Biren Singh.”

Surjewala further elaborated, “The Government of India appears to have abandoned Manipur to navigate the crisis alone, showing scant concern for finding a resolution or fostering unity among communities. The recent episodes of violence raise even more alarm, as they hold the potential to drag the Naga community into the preexisting conflict.”

He also cited grim statistics: “Nearly 130 lives lost, over 1,000 wounded, and more than 70,000 displaced. Yet, no significant action is evident. It is imperative for PM Modi to take action promptly, before it becomes too late,” the Rajya Sabha MP added.

Surjewala’s remarks followed a recent incident where two additional individuals lost their lives in Manipur. Since the eruption of ethnic clashes on May 3, over 100 casualties have been recorded, and thousands have been compelled to seek refuge in relief camps.

The Congress party has raised pertinent questions regarding the Prime Minister’s silence and has voiced its demand for the immediate removal of the Chief Minister. Additionally, the party has revealed its intention to bring the issue of Manipur violence to the forefront during Parliament’s upcoming Monsoon Session, pressing for Prime Minister Modi to provide a comprehensive account of the actions undertaken to curb the ongoing violence.

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