The Governor of Maharashtra has expressed concern about recent changes in people’s sleep patterns. He highlighted that children are staying awake until late at night these days, leading to insufficient sleep due to the early morning start for school.

Ramesh Bais, the Governor of Maharashtra, has expressed concern about the inadequate sleep of students. During a program of the State Education Department on Tuesday, he suggested considering changes in school timings. The Governor said, “Recently, people’s sleep patterns have changed. There is a popular saying that early to bed and early to rise makes a person intelligent.”

He further stated that nowadays, children stay awake until late at night, and they have to wake up early for school, resulting in inadequate sleep. The Governor urged officials to ensure that students get sufficient sleep in the morning and consider changing school timings.

Request for School Rankings

Governor Bais suggested ranking schools based on their quality, besides focusing on this aspect. He emphasized that officials should pay attention not only to this aspect but also consider book-free schools, promoting e-classrooms, reducing the burden of education on students, and encouraging school rankings based on their quality.

Program Attended by CM Shinde

The Governor made these remarks during the inauguration of various initiatives of the School Education Department at Raj Bhavan. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Minister Deepak Kesarikar, Mangal Prabhat Lodha, and Girish Mahajan were present at the program. They jointly launched initiatives such as My School, Beautiful School, Story-Telling Saturday, Adopt School Activity, My School, My Backyard, and Cleanliness Monitor.

Concerns about Public Libraries

Additionally, Governor Bais expressed sadness over the numerous public libraries in the state, mostly being old. He stressed the need to revitalize all these libraries and start “Library Adoption” to provide computers and internet facilities in the premises. He emphasized the importance of this initiative, as students acquire knowledge not only through books but also from the internet, social media, and other sources, contributing to their overall intelligence. He urged teachers to stay updated with new educational trends for the benefit of students.

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