Bhopal: Good news has emerged from Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park. A cheetah named ‘Gamini’ gave birth to five cubs here on Sunday. With these five cubs, the total number of cheetahs in the country has increased to 26. Central Minister Bhupendra Yadav has provided this information. Central Minister Bhupendra Yadav shared the information about the birth of five cubs on ‘X’. In a post on ‘X’, he wrote, “Five cubs, Kuno! A female cheetah named Gamini, brought from the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve in South Africa, gave birth to five cubs today.” The minister said that the number of cheetah cubs born in India has now reached 13. He informed that this is the fourth time a cheetah has given birth to cubs in India, while it is the first time a cheetah brought from South Africa has given birth to cubs.

Gamini was brought from South Africa

The Central Minister further said, “Congratulations to all, especially to the forest officers’ team, veterinarians, and other staff who have ensured a stress-free environment for cheetahs, leading to the birth of cubs. With the addition of cubs in Kuno National Park, the total number of cheetahs in the country has now increased to 26. Gamini’s legacy continues to grow: she has given birth to cubs.” It is worth mentioning that as part of the ambitious Cheetah Reintroduction Project, eight Namibian cheetahs were released into enclosures at Kuno National Park on September 17, 2022, including five females and three male cheetahs. In February 2023, another 12 cheetahs were brought from South Africa to that park. Gamini is included among the cheetahs brought from South Africa.

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