Piyush Pathak, a resident of Alwar, might have experienced the diverse flavors available in the Alwar district. Even tourists visiting Alwar have indulged in the delights of Chinese and Italian fast food. However, if you haven’t tasted the dal prepared on the earthen stove at the Tang Stand in Alwar city, your experience of Alwar’s flavors remains incomplete.

While Alwar boasts numerous eateries, the Dhaba operating at the Tang Stand in the heart of Alwar city has been serving dal to people for the past 66 years. Perhaps, this is the first Dhaba where every resident of Alwar has savored the dal. The uniqueness of the taste lies in cooking the dal on a coal-fired earthen stove.

Situated at the heart of Alwar city, the Bhagwan Dhaba at the Tang Stand offers a distinct flavor of dal to its customers. Bittu, the owner of the Dhaba, mentioned that this establishment has been serving dal to people since 1957. The Dhaba witnesses a long queue for its dal. Bittu explained that the dal is prepared on the earthen stove with coal heat from the very beginning. This method imparts a unique taste to the dal, making it the most demanded item at our Dhaba. The Dhaba serves customers from 12 PM to 11 PM.

Approximately 150 customers who daily enjoy the taste of dal from our Dhaba have become regulars. They even take packed dal home. Additionally, sitting arrangements are provided for those who wish to dine at the Dhaba. The dal-making process begins at 5 AM, involving around eight people. The dal prepared here is usually consumed on the same day. The prices for dal fry, Shahi Paneer, and Kadai Paneer at our Dhaba are Rs. 120, Rs. 160, and Rs. 220, respectively.

Bittu shared that when this Dhaba started operating, customers were provided with free dal along with roti. Even then, the Dhaba had a considerable number of customers. However, as inflation increased, we began charging for the dal.

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