Actor Emraan Hashmi, now part of the same film franchise as Shah Rukh Khan, discussed his recent attendance at SRK’s birthday party and his disinterest in Bollywood events. When asked if he enjoyed SRK’s grand bash, Emraan responded, “Define fun,” highlighting his aversion to parties due to his non-drinking stance. In an interview, he emphasized that he doesn’t engage in film industry small talk and avoids attending film screenings where he might feel obliged to praise films he doesn’t genuinely like.

Emraan, known for maintaining a low profile, shared his disciplined lifestyle after the pandemic, mentioning that he left SRK’s party early as he wakes up early. Despite the glittering guest list at SRK’s birthday bash, Emraan expressed his lack of enthusiasm for such events, emphasizing that parties and industry gatherings don’t appeal to him. Currently appearing in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 as the main antagonist, Emraan is enjoying success at the global box office.

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