Sarvesh Srivastav/Ayodhya: Currently, the entire nation seems immersed in devotion to Lord Rama. On the 22nd of this month, Rama will be enshrined in his grand temple. It is said that the devotion to Lord Rama is not only prevalent among humans but is also evident among animals. Today, we bring you a story that, upon hearing, will surely fill you with a sense of devotion.

You may have heard the pledge of a saint for the construction of Lord Rama’s grand temple. However, located 100 meters from the birthplace of Lord Rama in Ayodhya is the Rang Mahal Temple, where the devotion of a cow named Sarayu is no less than that of Shabari. Exactly 25 years ago, the cow Sarayu was named in the Rang Mahal Temple. It is claimed that when Sarayu reached the precincts of the Rang Mahal, she took a vow for the construction of the grand temple of Lord Rama. Until the majestic temple of Lord Rama is built in the vicinity of the birthplace of Lord Rama, she pledged to perform a circumambulation (parikrama) of 108 rounds every day and observe a fast on the Ekadashi date falling each month.

She also observes a fast on Ekadashi. Ramsharan Das, the head priest of the Rang Mahal Temple, reveals that 25 years ago when Lord Rama was residing in a tent, a cow named Sarayu, belonging to the Rang Mahal Temple, took a similar vow. She vowed to break her fast on Ekadashi on the day Lord Rama would be enshrined in his grand palace and complete the daily circumambulation of 108 rounds. Ramlal is now going to be enshrined in his grand palace on January 22. While the excitement is high worldwide, Sarayu is also appearing enthusiastic.

Sarayu the cow has been meditating for the last 25 years. It is claimed that in the devotion to the deity, Sarayu remains so engrossed that sometimes she refrains from eating. She plays with all the cows joyfully, displaying her contentment. During the groundbreaking ceremony of the Rama temple, Sarayu was also worshipped in the temple precincts. It is said that not only this, but during the construction of the temple, Sarayu used to observe a fast on Ekadashi falling each month. However, after the groundbreaking ceremony of the Rama temple, Sarayu abandoned her fast.

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