The Path to D-Street Next week, starting from October 3, a total of seven IPOs, encompassing both mainboard and SME segments, are poised to be listed on stock indices. The indications from the grey market suggest a favorable listing for all these IPOs, except for Organic Recycling Systems and Mangalam Alloys, which are not garnering much interest in the grey market.

Manoj Vaibhav Gems Listing Date: October 3 Grey Market Premium (GMP): Rs 6 Expected Listing Gains: 3%

Digikore Studios Listing Date: October 4 Grey Market Premium (GMP): Rs 90 Expected Listing Gains: 53%

JSW Infrastructure Listing Date: October 4 Grey Market Premium (GMP): Rs 25 Expected Listing Gains: 21%

Saakshi Medtech Listing Date: October 6 Grey Market Premium (GMP): Rs 25 Expected Listing Gains: 26%

Inspire Films Listing Date: October 6 Grey Market Premium (GMP): Rs 18 Expected Listing Gains: 31%

Impressive Returns In the fiscal year FY24, Indian stocks have displayed commendable performance, with the benchmark index Sensex registering approximately 11% gains. However, the monthly performance over the last six months has been relatively subdued, with most months delivering single-digit returns and even a negative performance in July. The potential for achieving double-digit annual returns remains promising, particularly if investors could secure monthly returns surpassing 10%. ETMarkets has identified five stocks that have consistently exhibited share price growth exceeding 10% in each of the past six months of the current fiscal year. Our selection criteria encompassed stocks with a market capitalization exceeding Rs 1,000 crore. Interestingly, all five of these stocks have transformed into multibaggers in FY24 so far (Data Source: ACE Equity).

Kintech Renewables Price Return in FY24: 1013% Previous Close: Rs 5760 | 52-week high: Rs 5760 (Note: The stock experiences relatively low trading volume)

GE T&D India Price Return in FY24: 270% Previous Close: Rs 439 | 52-week high: Rs 449

Mafatlal Industries Price Return in FY24: 248%

Jindal Drilling & Industries Price Return in FY24: 152%

REC (Rural Electrification Corporation) Price Return in FY24: 143% Previous Close: Rs 281 | 52-week high: Rs 286

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