At present, Science Cities are established in only three cities across the country: Kolkata, developed by the central government, and Gujarat and Jalandhar, developed by their respective state governments.

According to a senior official familiar with the matter, the Chhattisgarh government is set to announce the development of its inaugural science city in Nava Raipur in the upcoming budget this year.

The proposed budget for the science city has been submitted to the finance department for consideration, the official stated. The estimated total cost for establishing the Science City is ₹232.70 crores, with ₹118.14 crores allocated by the Government of India and ₹114.56 crores contributed by the state government.

The creation of the Science City aims to cultivate a culture of exploration, nurture creative talent, and provide an immersive, experiment-based learning environment to instill a scientific mindset among the youth, remarked SS Bajaj, Director General of Chhattisgarh Regional Science Centre.

The Science City, spanning 35 acres, is slated to be completed within 60 months, as per the official. It will feature various attractions such as a Food Court, Science and Technology Heritage Park, Geological Park, Open Air Exhibits covering diverse topics, a Musical Fountain, Solar Energy Powered Educational Science Park, Bio-dome, Butterfly Garden, and a Dino Park.

The immersive learning environment is expected to have a significant scientific impact on the community, contributing to the overall development of the state. Acting as a comprehensive center, it will not only enhance visitors’ scientific understanding but also serve as a recreational destination, the official concluded.

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