Actress Huma Qureshi expressed her belief that her portrayal of Rani Bharti in the series “Maharani” will be a standout role in her career.

Qureshi, who debuted in the film “Gangs of Wasseypur” in 2012 and has appeared in notable films like “D-Day,” “Dedh Ishqiya,” and “Badlapur,” sees “Maharani” as a pivotal moment in her acting journey. Playing the lead character has also allowed her to negotiate a certain fee, underscoring the show’s impact on her career trajectory.

She shared, “The first season of ‘Maharani’ was a turning point for me. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in my career.” The series follows Rani Bharti, an uneducated woman thrust into political leadership after her husband, Bheema Bharti, sustains an injury.

The subsequent season delves deeper into Rani Bharti’s challenges, as she contends with political rivals and power struggles, showcasing Qureshi’s versatility as an actor. As the show prepares for its third season, Qureshi anticipates even greater stakes and complexities.

Qureshi acknowledges the significance of Rani Bharti in her body of work, noting that memorable roles like these define an actor’s legacy. She emphasized the importance of female-led projects in an industry where such opportunities are still limited, advocating for greater gender equality in filmmaking.

Amit Sial, who plays a pivotal role in the series, reflects on his growth as an actor over the three seasons. Despite his success, he remains grounded, emphasizing the transient nature of fame in the industry.

With an ensemble cast including Vineet Kumar, Kani Kusruti, Anuja Sathe, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya, “Maharani” Season 3 is set to premiere on March 8 on SonyLIV, promising to continue its exploration of power dynamics and political intrigue.

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