The American sitcom ‘Friends’ has a massive fan base worldwide, with a significant number of fans in India. People have showered abundant love on every character of ‘Friends.’ Now, the show is once again making headlines in India, and the reason is quite intriguing. A singer and writer from Hyderabad have created a Hindi version of its theme song.

The fan following of the American sitcom ‘FRIENDS’ has spread globally, being recognized as one of the best shows to date. Every character, including the title track “I’ll Be There For You,” has gained immense popularity. Now, a girl from Hyderabad has sung the theme song in Hindi, and it’s quickly going viral.

People are thoroughly enjoying the song. She shared the video on Instagram at the handle @ramyaramkumarmusic, and it’s gaining significant popularity. The video has been viewed over 1.2 million times, and it has received more than 61 thousand likes. In the beginning of the video, Ramya says, “What if the theme song was in Hindi?”

She proceeds to sing the song in Hindi. The video is well-received by the audience, and people are responding positively. One person wrote, “Your voice is lovely.” Another user commented, “Everything sounds so good in Hindi.” Another user wrote, “Who would have thought we would get such a fantastic version of the FRIENDS song in Hindi.”

A quick fact is that ‘Friends’ first aired in 1994 and has remained a popular show, watched with great interest by every generation. It revolves around the story of six friends living in New York. They meet at the same apartment, and their bonding begins at a coffee house. The show has completed 10 seasons.

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