Eyes Care: If you’re compelled to wear glasses due to weak eyesight, you may want to find a solution to this. Today, we’ll share with you a homemade remedy that may help improve your weak eyesight.

Poppy Seed Powder for Weak Eyes: Nowadays, people spend most of their time in front of mobile phones, TVs, or laptop screens. The impact of this affects eyesight the most, gradually leading to weakened eyes. Eyes are one of the most delicate organs of our body, so they require special care. If you’re looking to get rid of glasses due to weak eyesight, we’ll share with you a homemade remedy that might help improve your weak eyesight. One of the spices available in your kitchen can assist with this.

We’re talking about poppy seeds, known by different names in various parts of the country. It’s used not only in cooking but also in making sweets and beverages. Especially in the summer season, people drink its sharbat (syrup) abundantly. Poppy seeds not only provide relaxation to the body but also contain elements that may help enhance eyesight.

There are various types of poppy seeds, including white poppy seeds, oriental poppy seeds, and blue poppy seeds, among which the blue variety is used more often. You can use it according to your preference. Let’s find out how it can be beneficial for the eyes.

Benefits of Poppy Seeds for Eyes: Poppy seeds contain zinc and various antioxidants that may help you get rid of various diseases and infections. The elements found in them may also contribute to improving eyesight by keeping the macula healthy, resulting in clear vision. You can consume poppy seeds as halwa (sweet pudding) or as syrup.

Poppy Seed Halwa Recipe: To make poppy seed halwa, soak them in water overnight. Then, grind them finely in a blender during the day. Now, add ghee (clarified butter) to a pan and roast the poppy seeds until they turn slightly dark. Then, add milk and sugar to the poppy seeds and continuously stir the mixture. There will come a time when the ghee separates from the halwa. Now, add chopped cashews, almonds, and cardamom powder to the halwa. Mix everything well with the halwa. Allow the halwa to cook well for about 2-3 minutes. Your poppy seed halwa is now ready to be served.

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