These days, Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat has a very active and very determined worldwide campaign underway in all of its ashram to pull in as many young people into its clutches as possible. This is to ensure a future of people who will do all the hard, tedious labor required to run the often huge ashrams (cleaning, cooking, gardening, construction, etc.) and to continue the river of money flowing in to its private bank accounts. (As for the sexual abuse allegations of this cult, yes, Kripalu is dead, but there are still plenty of men holding higher up positions in the organization.)

Several young people reach out to me from time to time. One youth recently reached out and really wanted to tell her story. Here is what has been on her mind in her own words. 

Hello everyone!

I am almost 17 years old and an ex-devotee of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. Today I’m going to share my life experience in that trash organization. My whole family (except my father) is full devotees in JKP. Btw, they are currently satsangees in Braj Gopika Seva Mission (BGSM) in Orissa. Many of you after hearing my story will get shock. Yet some will say I’m doing something bad. Whatever. I always believe “God is truth. Truth is God!” 

Before my birth in 2006, my family members were satsangees from 2004. So, as you can say, I was following this “satsanga tradition” since birth. I also liked the way the preachers of Kripalu Maharag (KM) told about the soul connection with God. But somehow I didn’t like their kirtans (so-called bhajans) from childhood. 

Whatever. Slowly slowly I stared reciting their arti, bhajans. As I previously mentioned that I didn’t like kirtans, but I really loved the “Hari Rama” chanting. I also to a chance to meet KM in 2013. As far as I remember, he literally was talking like a deaf person. His assistant said that he is not going to eat chocolate, since he has diabetics problems. However, KM just touched my choco packets. But when I touched his feet, his assistant scolded me very badly. 

Back in 2019, there was Kriti Mandir Celebration on Feb. It was their winter clothes (shawl) celebration. The so-called bari didi (eldest daughter of KM) was distributing it. When it was my turn, I was going take close and bari didi just touched my hand. It felt uncomfortable, and she was giving it like I’m a bad person, like I must have done something wrong. Somehow, from then I started to hate her.

Now, I’m almost 17 so I can say loudly, it was nothing but a sexual harassment and mental abuse I encountered that time. 

Recently on BGSM, Swami Yugal Sharanji (another preacher of KM) behaviour changes with me confused me. It was on 2022, his unit tour was on our city in India. I asked him a question, “How can I do study as a seva for KM?” He first pretended like he didn’t hear, but later answered, “Just do your study” angrily. I’ve never seen this side of this preacher in my life. As first I thought maybe it’s my fault for asking him a question.

When I was at the age of 5, I met this Babaji in Mangar. He sweetly gave his lap and served a gulap jaman. But somehow, I kind of don’t like him. When I was sitting on his lap, his touching made me somehow uncomfortable. Still I met him recently in 2023, because he just asked how many Iskon temples are located in our city and where are they. I found out in locality that one temple in near located. So I was going to tell him about this temple location. He kind of avoided me and just said, “Call me later.” 

I was again pissed off by this man’s behaviour second time. These people are called “preachers”? They should first have to behave properly then preach whatever they want. If you are reading my story as a devotee, you must know about charan seva of Kripalu. My mom gave 1000 rs. For this man’s dirty foot water. My father is an anti of this guru. So somehow he just threw it away. So my mother was unable to drink it. They (JKP) also tell the importance of easting vegan dishes. I also at their prasads while attending sadhana shivin. I can only remember for going to pee several times. 

Recently I also started to become a vegetarian for my mom strict order. For your info, my mom was diagnosed with anemia (btw she was then non-veg). She also started to taking only kheer, curry and some fruits. Her blood suddenly dropped into 5.8 ml, that means anemia. Started to increase not decrease. I also started to notice how my body is getting weak. I was unable to concentrate on studies. I also had irregular periods. If you have only 2% science concept nowdays, you will know plants are alive creatures. So doctors don’t include them only “veg” tag. We are human. Generation by generation we are continuously eating all type of foods. So from yesterday, I started to become non-veg. I’m kind of feeling better. My mom also became non-veg like me. Because doctor prescribed my mom to take fish, meat regularly. 

If I say about their ashram. Holy moly!! Every ashramee has complex disease. All have to work from 2 a.m. to midnight (next day 2 a.m.) I have event heard how they always tell bad things about each other. There is always competition who will get the greatest seva all time. I kind of know little Odia language, even though I’m Bengali. But they actually started to talking in Odia becoz they thought I don’t know Orissa’s mother tongue. 

If you just enter in these ashrams you will feel like you’re visiting an amusement park. You have to pay from entering to doing the so-called “seva.” I mean you have pay for bedroom, prasads, guru charan seva, visiting charge for seeing babaji’s and mataji’s. I would say be ready, your pocket will get empty slowly slowly by this trap. In my opinion, if Universe has given water, place (soil), food (trees, fish, etc.) for all of us for free, why do we have to pay for seeing this god-,am. Because in Gita it’s said that “Nature is God.” 

It’s better to give money for those poor people, who don’t have clothes, foods, place to live. Now you will say nowdays everything is judged by money. But at least it’s universal for everyone. Ancient times, when people first started to learn how create fires, even they had to pay to universe. They just used rocks which was completely free of cost, given by mother nature. Then why I will give my money to this org.

Man is a creation of God. So he lives in our mind. We don’t have to pay to see him. We just have to love each other, help needy people. That will be enough. Now another question, so they build three temples, that’s why people are giving donation for it. If you just have common sense. If their temple are built by donation, then why there will be charity box in the temple. They should not keep these boxes. 

Coming to this “jagat guru upadhi” controversy, this KM upadhi is all fake, but it’s true that he studied Sanskrit from college. As far as I know from Veda scriptures and Gita there will be return of God as Kali Avatar in this Kaliuga. So how it’s possible that Radha Krishna combine energy will now born quickly. This man has numerous allegations of rape. If I can remember, in 2012 one news website published an article of this fake guru controversy. This news was also proved some pictures of this incident. This news website doesn’t spread fake news. So you can trust this website. 

I hope I kind of proved with my common sense, experience with this letter At last I want to thank a lot Karen (owner of this website) who gave me a chance to share truth. 

Btw, people will ask me who I am. I cannot disclose my real name because it’s for my safety as I’m a teenage girl.

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