Uttar Pradesh Police, Delhi Police, and Nagpur Police have employed innovative methods to impart insightful messages to the public, drawing inspiration from the movie ‘Jawan.’

In a creative endeavor, Uttar Pradesh Police integrated a Bollywood reference into their road safety advisory. They utilized a poster featuring Shah Rukh Khan from the film ‘Jawan’ to underscore the significance of wearing a helmet. The message from UP Police is crystal clear: “Jawan Ho Ya Budhe, Two-Wheeler Pe Baithne Se Pehle, Helmet Kabhi Na Bhule” (Young or old, never forget your helmet before riding a two-wheeler). The poster prominently displays SRK with a bandaged head.

Delhi Police also jumped on board, sharing a traffic advisory with a playful nod to ‘Jawan.’ Their caption emphasizes, “BACHCHA, BADA YA JAWAN, HELMET BACHA SAKTA HAI JAAN!” (Whether child, adult, or youth, a helmet can safeguard life!). This innovative approach to road safety awareness grabs attention and conveys a crucial message.

Furthermore, on a different note, Delhi Police posted a satirical message on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), stating “Win hearts, not Challans” in celebration of Neeraj’s remarkable achievement. This post draws a parallel with Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who secured India’s first-ever gold medal at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest on August 27. Neeraj’s feat at the World Athletics Championships 2023 received acclaim from Delhi Police and other dignitaries.

Previously, Nagpur Police tweeted a post featuring five distinct images from Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan.’ Through this movie poster, Nagpur Police aimed to convey the importance of staying alert and vigilant. The poster advises the public to “Similarly, create different passwords for your various social media accounts. By doing this, you can ward off any potential fraudster.”

Twitter users responding to Nagpur Police’s tweet expressed their admiration for the police force’s sense of humor. One social media user remarked, “Respect Nagpur Police,” while another commented, “@NagpurPolice shares a crucial cyber safety message with finesse!” A user humorously noted, “In the epic tale of online security, let your passwords be as diverse as King Khan’s appearances.”

‘Jawan’ is a pan-India thriller presented in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages. It is directed by the renowned South filmmaker Atlee. This film marks Shah Rukh Khan’s second release of the year, following the success of the hit film ‘Pathaan.’

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