A customer of the supermarket chain ‘Morrisons’ was left astonished when, instead of receiving milk in an online delivery, a bottle filled with urine was sent to him. The customer shared a picture of the bottle on social media.

In the hustle and bustle of life, many people find it challenging to allocate time for certain tasks. Often, individuals resort to handling things quickly, such as purchasing household items, ordering groceries, shopping, and, most importantly, opting for immediate food delivery instead of cooking. However, there are instances where online orders may not align with expectations, resulting in surprises.

A Shocking Delivery Mix-up In a recent incident, a customer of the supermarket chain ‘Morrisons,’ named Adam Bell, working in the trade department, ordered milk online but received a bottle filled with urine instead. Adam shared the picture of the bottle on social media platforms.

Adam shared the image, tagging the supermarket chain ‘Morrisons,’ and wrote, “Dear @Morrisons, you are usually experts in informing us about substitutes in our shopping orders, but despite my explicit instructions, you substituted ‘a bottle of urine’ as a substitute and did not bother to inform us about it. This delivery was part of supporting a local charity, The Magpie Project. We would appreciate it if you could not only refund us but also consider making a donation to them.”

Supermarket Chain’s Response In response to the incident, Morrisons issued a statement expressing deep disappointment. The spokesperson mentioned that they are in contact with the customer to arrange a refund. Morrisons also emphasized that such an occurrence is entirely unacceptable, and a thorough investigation into the matter will be conducted.

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