Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse Latest Updates: On November 12, a segment of the Silkyara Tunnel collapsed, trapping 40 construction workers beneath the debris.

Live Updates on Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue: The ongoing rescue operations to save the 40 trapped workers have reached their sixth day. Since the collapse on November 12, rescue workers have faced challenges as falling rubble hampers progress. Workers, who expected to celebrate Diwali but instead found themselves in darkness, now confront uncertainty and potential physical and mental challenges. Medical professionals emphasize the need for comprehensive rehabilitation, expressing concerns about the prolonged confinement requiring extensive mental and physical recovery procedures.

The collapse of a section of the Silkyara Tunnel on November 12 led to the entrapment of 40 construction workers amid the rubble. Specialized rescue teams from Thailand and Norway, renowned for successfully rescuing children from a Thailand cave in 2018, have joined forces to support the ongoing rescue mission.

In the latest update, technicians are employing an Auger machine to drill a hole, having penetrated over 24 meters into the debris. The Auger drilling machine, known for its effectiveness and strength, is expected to cut through 70 meters of rock, a substantial portion of which collapsed during the rescue operation. The estimated timeframe for completion is 12 to 15 hours. Barring unforeseen obstacles, the workers may be evacuated either by the end of today or early tomorrow.

Colonel Deepak Patil, leading the rescue operations for the National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL), reported that Union Minister General VK Singh (Retd) visited the site, interacting with the laborers and providing assurance, well-received by the workers. Patil also highlighted the resumption of drilling activities, significantly accelerating the pace of the rescue operations.

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