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An extraordinary menu from a restaurant is gaining popularity on social media, grabbing people’s attention. After reading the menu, people are thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Whenever one is not in the mood to cook at home or desires something unique to eat, they head to a restaurant with family or friends. Now, imagine you went to a restaurant, but you didn’t eat anything there. Would you still pay? It’s obvious that you wouldn’t. However, there is a restaurant where you have to pay even if you don’t eat anything. Let’s find out why.

A Menu Like No Other A restaurant’s menu is going viral on social media. The menu features dishes with names like ‘Kuch Nai,’ ‘Kuch Bhi,’ ‘As U Wish,’ ‘Nai Tum Bolo,’ ‘Nai Nai Tum Bolo,’ and ‘Baba Ji Ka Thullu.’ The prices for these dishes are also listed. So, if you order ‘Kuch Nai’ at this restaurant, you will have to pay. The viral video does not mention the name of the restaurant.

What People Are Saying The video has been shared by the page sarcasticschool_ on Instagram. As of the last report, one million people have already watched the video. After watching the video, people flooded the comments section with humorous remarks. One user wrote, “This isn’t Babu’s police station.” Another user commented, “Should have ordered ‘Pata Nahi.'” Yet another user joked, “Do what you’re doing for me, and I’ll pay you 500 rupees.” The video is gaining widespread popularity on social media.

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