After their post on X, Zepto apologized to the X user and issued a refund.

A person claimed to have found a creepy crawler inside one of the oranges ordered from Zepto. They recorded a video of this and posted it on X on February 15. After their post on X, Zepto apologized to the X user and issued a refund.

In the caption of their post, they wrote, “I ordered oranges from Zepto and found a live insect in one of them.” They also shared a series of posts on X and said they were unable to file a complaint on the Zepto app regarding this issue.

They wrote, “I received a call from Zepto’s social media admin. They apologized for this issue and initiated a refund. They assured me that such incidents would not happen in the future. They also mentioned that they would investigate store security measures to prevent such problems.”

In their post, they also requested relevant authorities to address such issues and thanked Zepto for their prompt response. Since the post went online, it has been seen hundreds of times on X. Social media users have shared their reactions in the comments section of the post.

Several similar cases have made headlines in the past week, where people have found live insects in their food items. In fact, just two days ago, a passenger on IndiGo claimed to have found a screw in the sandwich served on their flight. On February 12, a person named Robin Zacharias from Hyderabad found a creepy crawler in their Cadbury chocolate bar.

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