Gurdas Mann has decided to cancel his scheduled tour in Canada, which was set to take place later this month. This move has been deemed necessary and responsible given the ongoing diplomatic tensions between India and Canada.

Due to the current diplomatic unrest between the two nations and after careful consideration of the unpredictable circumstances, the production house has made the decision to cancel Gurdas Mann’s tour. The production house made this announcement on Facebook, emphasizing that it is the most responsible and necessary course of action for the time being.

Gurdas Mann was originally slated to perform in Canada from October 22 to October 31 this month. The diplomatic tensions arose when Canada accused India of involvement in the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada, an allegation that India denied and requested specific information, which Ontario allegedly did not provide promptly. Consequently, India suspended visa services in Canada, and Canada started relocating its diplomats from India, citing allegations of interference in internal affairs by the Indian government. India also accused Canada of providing a safe haven to Khalistani terrorists, including Nijjar.

Canada has a significant Sikh population outside Punjab, and many Punjabi artists are based in Canada. Prior to Gurdas Mann, rapper Shubhneet Singh, based in Canada, faced controversy when his first-ever India tour was canceled in September due to his pro-Khalistani views. Shubh faced criticism for a social media post that depicted a distorted map of India without including Jammu & Kashmir. Following the cancellation, Shubh clarified that he is an Indian by birth and expressed his deep connection to Punjab, emphasizing that Punjabis have a long history of sacrificing for the country’s freedom.

Indo-Canadian rapper AP Dhillon also faced a boycott call after expressing support for Shubh and highlighting the increased scrutiny that musicians face in light of these controversies. Diljit Dosanjh’s name has also been drawn into the Khalistani row on multiple occasions.

In light of these developments and the controversy, Gurdas Mann has chosen to postpone his Canada tour. He assured his fans that ticket refunds would be provided, and new tour dates would be announced in the near future.

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