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Quick and Flavorful Breakfast with Leftover Rotis: Many times, we have leftover rotis from the night before, and in the morning, we are unsure what to do with them. In such situations, you can create some tasty dishes by following these recipes that everyone in your family, from the youngsters to the elderly, will enjoy.

Spicy Breakfast with Leftover Rotis: Often, we prepare extra food at night, and it remains unused. In such cases, many times, we wake up in the morning, wondering what to do with these leftovers. Today, we will learn what you can make with leftover rotis. In fact, you can prepare healthy recipes for breakfast with leftover rotis. You don’t need to put in much effort; with the help of a few ingredients, you can make a tasty breakfast within 10 minutes. This breakfast (leftover roti recipe in Hindi) will be such that everyone in your home, from children to the elderly, will relish. So, let’s learn the recipe.

How to Make Breakfast with Leftover Rotis – Leftover Roti Recipe for Breakfast:

  1. Leftover Roti Churma: To make leftover roti churma, heat the roti slightly and break it into pieces. Now, cut jaggery into small chunks. Heat a little ghee in a small pan and add the jaggery chunks. Cook it on low heat for 1 minute. Now, quickly crumble the ghee, jaggery, and roti into crumbs with your fingers, and serve it hot. This is a very tasty and healthy breakfast.
  2. Leftover Roti Poha: To make roti poha, cut the roti into small pieces. First, place a pan on the gas and add oil to it. Once the oil is hot, add cumin, mustard, fennel seeds, and asafoetida. When the cumin is slightly roasted, add onions, peanuts, finely chopped green chilies. Once the onions are lightly browned, add the roti pieces, spices, salt, a little sugar, and lemon juice. Mix it for 2 minutes, cover the pan, and then garnish with coriander leaves. Mix it well and enjoy your leftover roti poha.
  3. Leftover Roti Pizza: You can also make a tasty roti pizza with the leftover roti. For this, spread tomato ketchup and Schezwan sauce on the leftover roti. Then, apply mashed boiled potatoes on it. You can prepare the potatoes according to your taste by mixing onions, tomatoes, green chilies, black pepper, coriander powder, amchoor, and lemon juice. Now, add salad pieces on top. Then, roll the roti, apply butter on the griddle, and roast it. Serve hot.

Feel free to use and share these recipes for a quick and delightful breakfast using leftover rotis.

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