Recently, Randeep Hooda celebrated his wedding in the Manipuri style, garnering attention for the cultural richness of the ceremony. Following the wedding, the actor is now showcasing a touch of Haryanvi style. Notably, Randeep’s Manipuri wife, Lin Laishram, has also been spotted performing a vibrant Kurtaphad dance.

Renowned for his role in ‘Highway,’ Randeep Hooda recently tied the knot, making his wedding one of the most talked-about events this year. In accordance with the customs of the Maitei community in Manipur, images of Randeep Hooda and actress Lin Laishram’s wedding were circulated on social media. Subsequently, discussions about their reception continued. Now, a video of their pre-wedding function has emerged, featuring a fusion of Haryanvi and Manipuri traditions. Randeep Hooda and his wife are seen dancing to popular Haryanvi tunes.

The revealed video captures Randeep Hooda dancing to the beats of Sapna Choudhary’s famous song. His wife gracefully joins him in this dance, and both are seen swaying to the rhythm in the Haryanvi style. The dance beautifully blends Manipuri rituals with Haryanvi moves. Randeep’s dance style is lively, festive, and in sync with Kurtaphad. Lin Laishram’s relatives are also seen dancing along with them in the video. Randeep appears in a casual avatar, wearing trousers, a shirt, and flip-flops, while his wife complements him in a white shirt paired with black pants. The chemistry between Lin and Randeep is delightful, and both exude a joyous vibe.

Concerning the wedding, Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram exchanged vows at the Chumthang Shannapung Resort in Imphal, the capital of Manipur. The wedding ceremonies adhered to traditional Maitei practices. A day before the wedding, the couple visited a temple to seek divine blessings for their auspicious journey. Besides the wedding functions, the couple hosted receptions in both Delhi and Mumbai, attended by Bollywood celebrities. The images and videos of their wedding celebrations became viral on social media, showcasing the couple’s splendid chemistry.

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