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Ranveer Singh steps into the role of the new protagonist in Don 3 following Shah Rukh Khan’s departure from the franchise.

Farhan Akhtar recently unveiled the revival of his acclaimed Don series and officially confirmed that Ranveer Singh is set to assume the role previously portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan. This announcement ignited extensive discussions across social media platforms, with fervent Shah Rukh Khan admirers expressing their sentiments about bidding farewell to the iconic superstar.

In response to the ongoing discourse on social media, Ranveer has chosen to articulate his thoughts on Instagram.

Accompanied by childhood photographs of himself wearing sunglasses and gripping a toy pistol, Ranveer penned an extensive note: “Gosh! I’ve nurtured this aspiration for an extensive span of time! In my formative years, I developed a profound fondness for cinema, much like countless others. I watched in awe and admiration as Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, the unparalleled stalwarts of Hindi Cinema, graced the screen. I nurtured aspirations of mirroring their eminence. They are the very bedrock that led me to pursue a path in acting and aspire to become a quintessential ‘Hindi film hero.’ Their indelible impact and influence on my life cannot be overstated. They have indubitably molded the individual and the artist within me. Carrying forward their legacy is a manifestation of a cherished childhood ambition.”

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