Gautam Singhania, the MD of the Raymond Group, announced his separation from his wife Navaj on social media. He also mentioned that both of them would collectively take care of their daughters.

Gautam Singhania, the Chairman and Managing Director (MD) of the Raymond Group, made the decision to separate from his wife, Navaj Modi, on Monday. The 58-year-old Gautam and Navaj were married in 1999. Navaj is the daughter of the renowned lawyer Nadar Modi.

Posting on his ex-handle (former Twitter), Gautam Singhania wrote that this Diwali was not like before. He and Navaj have chosen the path of separation. He further wrote that they had been like a couple for 32 years. As parents, they grew together, always being each other’s strength. During this time, they progressed with commitment, determination, and trust, and two of the most beautiful things came into their lives. Together, they will continue to work for their two precious gems, Niharika and Nisa.

In the post, he further mentioned that in recent days, many baseless rumors about their lives have been circulated. He requested people to respect their private decisions, sought time to resolve all aspects of their relationship, and appealed for cooperation from everyone.

Raymond Group’s Business: The business of the Raymond Group ranges from garments to real estate. Recently, the company announced plans to invest in three new real estate projects in the MMR region, with a value of over 5,000 crore. On this occasion, he mentioned that their real estate business is experiencing significant growth. They are committed to the quality of their projects. The company’s sales were 8,200 crores in the financial year 2022-23, with a profit of 537 crores.

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