Sanjana Sanghi discusses her experience in the film “Dhak Dhak” and the challenges of riding the heaviest bike during the shoot. In this film, Sanjana plays one of four women embarking on a bike trip to the Khardungla La Pass, known as the world’s highest motorable road. She confirms that she rode the bike herself and feels confident enough to travel from Delhi to Khardung La now. During an interview with Hindustan Times, Sanjana shares her thoughts on working with fellow actors Ratna Pathak Shah, Dia Mirza, and Fatima Sana Shaikh, and reflects on her previous film alongside Aditya Roy Kapur. Here are some key excerpts:

Q: Your previous film had a different look and feel. Could you tell us more about your character in “Dhak Dhak”?

A: I am pleased that it appeared distinct. Our aim was to try something new. Manjari’s story in the film resonates with millions of young women in India. She hails from a protective family in Mathura and has never ventured into the real world. Throughout the film, we witness her personal growth as she attempts to discover her true self, having always lived in her mother’s shadow. She is innocent, naive, and very endearing. It was a wonderful experience creating this character for the film.

Q: Is it true that you rode the heaviest bike in “Dhak Dhak”?

A: Yes, that’s true. For some reason, my director thought that the Himalayan should be assigned to me due to my height. It had a 411 cc engine, which was larger than the others at 350 cc. At times, I felt like the bike was in control instead of me.

Q: How was it working with Ratna Pathak Shah, Dia, and Fatima?

A: It was a delightful experience. The four of us came from different backgrounds, and the overall atmosphere on set was very inspiring. We realized that we are living in an era where a film like “Dhak Dhak” can be created, with Ratna ma’am, at 65, gracing the poster of a mainstream Hindi film. It felt like a triumph at every step, and we shared anecdotes about each other. It was truly remarkable.

Q: What were the challenges of shooting a road trip film while actually riding a bike, not a car?

A: It was an entirely unique experience. Our crew consisted of 300 people traveling through various terrains. We encountered a heatwave in Uttar Pradesh, rain in Manali, and snow in Ladakh. It was a physical test in every sense. However, it also brought an immense thrill and excitement.

This interview provides insights into the filming experience of “Dhak Dhak” and Sanjana Sanghi’s role in the film, highlighting the challenges and exhilaration of a road trip adventure.

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