Shah Rukh Khan held the lead role in the preceding two Don movies.

Filmmaker Farhan Akhtar utilized Twitter on Tuesday to disclose the forthcoming installment of the Don film series, accompanied by Shah Rukh Khan’s departure. The preceding two Don films featured the eminent Shah Rukh Khan as the protagonist. The role of the illustrious superstar is purportedly set to be taken over by Ranveer Singh.

Farhan conveyed the news via an Instagram post, declaring that a fresh face would be assuming the reins of the acclaimed series, marking SRK’s exit from the franchise.

He penned, “In 1978, a character conceived by Salim-Javed and embodied by the legendary Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, captivated the imaginations of audiences throughout the nation. That enigmatic character was Don.”

Reflecting on the series’ heritage, Farhan elaborated, “In 2006, Don was reimagined and given life by Shah Rukh Khan, exuding his own irresistibly captivating charm. Shah Rukh embodied the character’s sardonic wit and his cool yet menacing rage. As both the writer and director, I took immense pleasure in crafting not just one, but two ‘Don’ films with Shah Rukh, and both experiences hold a special place in my heart.”

He continued, “The time has now come to propel Don’s legacy forward, and joining us in this fresh interpretation will be an actor whose skill and adaptability we have long admired. We hope that you will shower him with the same affection you have so generously bestowed upon Mr. Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.”

Farhan concluded his announcement by anticipating the dawning of a new era in 2025.

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