Shawn Levy, known for his work on the Netflix limited series “All the Light We Cannot See,” faced a compelling moment when he realized he needed to direct the project himself. This epiphany occurred while reading a poignant scene featuring the main character, Marie, and her father. The emotional impact of this scene was so profound that Levy felt a strong desire to personally oversee the entire series, treating it as a cohesive four-hour movie. Levy’s decision was fueled not only by the emotional resonance of the source material, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, but also by his deep appreciation for the central father-daughter relationship within the story.

As a father to four daughters, Levy recognized the significance of depicting this intimate bond authentically, stressing the importance of avoiding any portrayal that might come across as artificial. He felt a responsibility to honor the genuine and heartfelt connection between a daughter and her father, considering it the heart of the series.

Scheduled to premiere on November 2, the series explores the story of Marie, played by newcomer Aria Mia Loberti, who finds herself alone and in hiding in German-occupied France, and a Nazi soldier named Werner, portrayed by Louis Hoffman. Werner, an orphan drafted against his will, forges a connection with Marie through a shared childhood experience related to a pivotal radio broadcast.

Levy, an accomplished producer and director with years of experience, views this project as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. He mentions the unique aspect of working with Loberti, who, like her character, is blind and had never acted before. In a conversation with The Associated Press, Levy also touched on his relationships with close friends Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Please note that the remarks have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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