In a conversation with, Shreya Ghoshal delves into her recent performance on Coke Studio, the evolving music industry landscape, and her perspective on the value of reality shows.

The adage “you can never have enough of Shreya Ghoshal” holds true. As her melodious voice continues to captivate audiences in films, the singer is also deeply involved in various indie music projects. Recently, Shreya achieved a milestone by becoming the first Indian to participate in a unique Coke Studio collaboration alongside Egyptian artist Afroto. Their song “Sunn Beliya” was released online and has already become a chart-topping hit.

During her conversation with, Ghoshal expressed her long-standing admiration for Coke Studio, acknowledging its transformative impact on music production and its role in bolstering the independent music domain. She stated, “I have always believed in the beauty of diversity, and when you bring together artists from diverse backgrounds, it undoubtedly creates magic. While we’ve witnessed musicians from the same country collaborating before, our song marks the beginning of something novel. This experience has opened up new doors, allowing us to transcend geographical boundaries. The possibilities for thought-provoking collaborations with exceptional musicians are vast. Moreover

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