In Dominica, notable advancements have been achieved in the construction of the Top Station building sites, marking rapid progress in the ongoing Cable Car Project. Initiated in January 2022, this project is on track to become the world’s longest single-section cable car upon completion, spanning an impressive 6.6 km and offering tourists an exceptional experience.

The Cable Car Project, a collaboration between ABL Holdings and the Doppelmayr Group, is set to create a Guinness World Record as the longest monocable car. This engineering marvel, designed for ten passengers with large panoramic windows, is not only a testament to human ingenuity but also a symbol of Dominica’s commitment to innovative infrastructure development.

The completion of this project is expected to position Dominica as a holder of a unique world record, attracting global attention and significantly boosting tourism in the region. Beyond its impact on the cable car technology landscape, the project underscores the country’s dedication to blending technological advancements with ecological mindfulness.

The Cable Car Project also promises transformative benefits to Dominica’s economy, particularly in the hospitality sector, by creating a surge in employment opportunities. With the establishment of restaurants at both the bottom and top stations, as well as increased demand for local vendors, taxi services, and tour guides, the project is set to revolutionize the local job market.

Experts predict that the project will triple tourism in Dominica post-completion, making it a leading tourist destination among CARICOM nations. This surge in tourism is expected to have a ripple effect, fostering economic growth and elevating the nation’s global standing in the tourism industry.

The recent developments in the Cable Car Project include progress in assembling tower structures, preparing foundations, and actively developing the bottom station area, which includes amenities for passengers. More than 140 local citizens are currently employed in the project, contributing to the local economy and setting the stage for future employment opportunities.

As the Cable Car Project progresses, with works such as LCS Tower Foundation and Deadman Anchor Installation, Tower Assembly, and Doppelmayr Bottom Station and Towers, it is anticipated to become a major tourist destination and a jewel in the Caribbean, offering a comfortable and scenic journey to the popular attraction, Boiling Lake.

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