Jaya, a female street dog hailing from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, is embarking on an international journey with her new owner from the Netherlands. Meral Bontenbel, a resident of Amsterdam, shared her heartfelt story with ANI. She expressed her lifelong desire to have a pet and described how her connection with the Varanasi street dog led to their extraordinary journey.

Recalling her visit to Varanasi, Bontenbel mentioned that her intention was to explore the city. During one of her leisurely walks with her fellow travelers, Jaya approached them. The affectionate nature of the street dog instantly captured her heart. Bontenbel warmly embraced Jaya, and the two formed a strong bond. Jaya began accompanying them during their explorations and became a cherished companion. However, a distressing incident occurred when Jaya was attacked by another dog on the streets.

Fortunately, a vigilant security guard intervened and rescued Jaya from the perilous situation. Bontenbel initially had not planned to adopt Jaya; her primary aim was to provide the dog with safety and rescue her from the streets.

Bontenbel described her emotional journey of extending her stay in India by six months to facilitate the process of obtaining a passport and visa for Jaya. Her dedication and perseverance allowed her to fulfill her dream of bringing Jaya to the Netherlands. She expressed her joy and excitement at the prospect of having Jaya by her side, emphasizing the profound connection that developed between them from the moment Jaya approached her.

This heartwarming story highlights the power of compassion and the deep bond that can form between humans and animals, transcending borders and uniting hearts.

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