Student Union Election 2023: Allegations of distributing fake ID cards have emerged at DV College in Dehradun. A heated altercation ensued between student members of ABVP and Aryan organization, with students engaging in a physical brawl. The situation escalated to the extent that police had to resort to a lathi charge.

Subsequently, students gathered at the main gate, insisting on entering the college premises. However, the police only permitted voters to enter. Meanwhile, the college administration has apprehended several individuals with counterfeit ID cards, and a case has been registered against these students at Sarita Dobal Police Station.

Numerous students are actively exercising their voting rights in DV PG College, where eight booths have been set up for 4,709 students. V.C. Pandey, the principal of DV PG College, explained that there are six booths at the college where 1,708 voters will cast their votes. Dr. Archana Shukla, the chief election officer of MKP College, stated that 1,866 female students will participate in the election. At SGRR PG College, two booths have been established for male and female students, and 1,411 students will vote.

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