Suniel Shetty recently weighed in on the discussion regarding the 70-hour work week following Narayana Murthy’s statement on the same during the first episode of ‘The Record.’ Murthy’s assertion that India’s productivity is low and young people should work 70 hours a week has ignited a social media debate, prompting various entrepreneurs and leaders to share their perspectives.

Suniel Shetty expressed his thoughts on LinkedIn, saying, “When someone of Mr. Narayana Murthy’s stature speaks, it’s crucial to pay attention, analyze, and draw the best from it. While it’s a contentious matter, the key is not the number of hours, be it 70 or 100-hour weeks. To me, his message is simple: it’s about pushing beyond your comfort zone.”

The actor went on to cite examples of individuals such as Virat Kohli, Amitabh Bachchan, and Ratan Tata, highlighting how these leaders excelled in their respective fields. He noted that they didn’t achieve their success by staying in their comfort zones or worrying about striking the right work-life balance in their early careers. Instead, they focused on surpassing the limits set by others.

Suniel Shetty emphasized the importance of young adults pushing their boundaries in their early years. He stressed the significance of honing skills, acquiring new ones, dealing with pressure, learning about other functions, and collaborating in work environments to make the most of opportunities.

In conclusion, Suniel Shetty mentioned that if he could change things about his own 20s, he would invest more time in learning new things. Despite working full-time from the age of 17 and managing restaurants on most nights, including weekends and festivals, he still maintained his fitness routines.

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